We take your privacy very seriously which is why we designed a privacy policy to help you understand how we protect your privacy. This privacy policy is designed to let you understand how your personal information is managed. Below is our privacy policy.

Neatflooring Understands the importance of protecting your privacy especially when the user is transacting business online. This privacy policy was developed to illustrate our strong devotion towards protecting your privacy and safety online.

All the information provided by the user to this site is not in any way shared with third parties by way of sell, rent or any type of sharing. Information such as credit card information, telephone number, physical address, email address and any other similar information is treated with utmost confidentiality.

This privacy policy rules supreme in respect to all users of this site which includes visitors to the site who may just browse without transacting any business as well as visitors who are registered to carry out business transaction on the site or to make use of any other services offered on the site.

For purposes of this policy, “Personally Identifiable Information” will refer to all that relates to your individuality or is used to recognize, get in touch or find the individual the information relates to. This will include but is not limited to, name, physical address, email address, fax number, IP address, credit card information, social security number, financial history and phone number. Personal Identifiable Information however will not include anonymously collected information or demographic information as these do not have any identity attachment to them.

Information Currently Collected

At present, this site does not collect any personally identifiable information, although in the future we may collect general user profile information of all the visitors and users of the site.

There are no organisations or users attached to this site that collect this information on behalf of or with the consent of this site.

Use of Personally Identifiable Information

Currently, the site does not use any personally identifiable information in any way.

The site also does not store any personally identifiable information; neither does it make requests for provisions of such information.

Safety of personally identifiable information on this site is inapplicable as the site does not currently collect or store such information about or on behalf of any user of the site.

Sharing procedure of privacy information about users of the site is not relevant to this site as the site does not possess any such information, neither does it collect said information.

None of our partners or service providers have access to personally identifiable information about any of our users or authorised customers who may transact business on the site.

In case there is a change, alteration or revision of any of the positions in our privacy policy statement, such changes would be promptly communicated to the users and visitors of the site through a post on the said site.


This website uses cookies

Use of login information

This site uses login information which includes but is not limited to, browser information, IP address, ISPs and the like to track a users movement around the site, analyze browsing trends, improve user experience of the site, effectively administer the site and collect general demographic information on site usage.


The links on this website will take you to other websites. The user needs to take note that moving to another website will mean the privacy policy of this website may not apply to the new website you will be directed to. The user is encouraged to read the privacy statements for the websites that you are directed to as the privacy policy may not be the same.

This site is dynamic and continues to adopt new technologies and service demands. We continue to evolve as with the change of times.

  • Any change that will affect user’s personal information will be communicated before or at the time of such changes.
  • Any personal information collected will be for the sole purpose indicated by this website with the consent of the concern individual or as stipulated by law.
  • Personal information will only be stored for as long as is needed to fulfill its intended purpose.
  • Collection of personal information will be performed under lawful jurisdiction with appropriate knowledge and or consent of the individual concern, where appropriate.
  • Only personal information relevant to the purpose will be collected and should be accurate and complete.
  • Reasonable security safeguards will be employed when collecting personal information to protect this information from theft, unauthorised access, modification, use or loss.

We remain committed to upholding the stated privacy policy guidelines to ensure the safety of user’s personal information.