Factors to consider when buying a Mop

  1. Type of floor

When buying a mop consider the type of floor that you will use with the mop. The type of floor is characterized by the type of mops. There are different types of mops like; dry/dust mops, wet mops, sponge mops, string mops, steam mops among others. You can also check with your flooring manufacturer the best mop for your floor.

  1. Choose a mop with the right yarn

The material matters so much and therefore it is advisable to be careful to choose a mop that won’t leave any dirt behind. Consider an absorbent and light weight cotton material that is effective. Rayon and microfiber materials are good because of their performance and absorbency level.

  1. Size

Choose a mop that will be easy to use according to your size. Different types of mops come in different sizes and weight. Get a size and weight that best suits you.

  1. Cost effectiveness versus quality

Do not choose a mop because it is cheap. Buy value but not the cost. Different mops will come in different costs depending on quality. The cost is determined by the benefits a mop has.

  1. Flexibility

Consider a mop that can multitask. Choose a mop that can sweep the floor, pick up the debris and steam the floor. The mop should be able to reach hard spots and fold flat to the low clearance areas. These types of mops save time and have good performance.

  1. Follow up on customer reviews

In all businesses it is said that the customer is always right. When you come across a mop you would desire to buy always follow up on customer reviews since they tend to explain whether the product is recommendable or not.

  1. Absorbency

The size of the mop is closely related with the absorbency of the mop. Whether small, medium or large mop heads all have different levels of liquids that they can handle.